Crafting your next virtual enterprise is our specialty.  Large public corporations use us to outsource their IT.  Medium sized tech and entertainment companies come to us for high-level network and server design.  Software development companies rely on us to build and maintain their production environments and handle deployments.  Small business owners schedule on-site visits with us to help their employees understand the technologies available to them, and provide different service options.  When it comes time to reinforce your IT strategy, we can orchestrate a cost effective solution for every need.


Establish and run
feature-rich systems with
ease and efficiency.

Equivalent high-end
solutions at a fraction
of the cost.

Increase uptime with
consistent and proactive

Infrastructure Management

A business is only as strong as its foundation.  Your infrastructure is everything, and all of the hardware, software, networks, systems and services in the world cannot move you forward without being properly managed.  Each part of your technical framework requires equal attention for the entire model to retain its value and consistency.  Our vast knowledge of common mistakes, trends and solutions will keep your machine well-oiled and your foundation solid. 


Business Class High Speed Internet
Managed Hosting
Website Deployments
Network Engineering
Firewalls, Routers, Switches
Bandwidth Management
Virtualization and Cloud Server Management
DNS Management
SSL Certificates and Renewals


Professional Services
Setup and Configuration
Project Management
Site Administration
Load Balancing
VPN User Support
Firewall Access Rule Management




Help Desk / Support

Get the support you need fast.  Our help desk ticketing system is unparalleled and we offer remote support during off hours to anyone anywhere through our remote control software.  This is a partnership, and committing to your success prolongs ours.  While we like to think we have a knack for putting fires out before the first spark, a lot can happen in the world of IT.  We're ready for anything, so you're prepared for everything.


Mac, Windows, Linux, Mobile
Anti-Virus Installation
Application Support
Break-Fix IT Support
User Support
Sales and Equipment Purchases
Network Connection and Security


Upgrades and Replacements
On Site and Remote Support
Software and Security Updates
Site Administration
Design Updates
Equipment Maintenance
Virus Removal


In order for your business to thrive and remain efficient, it's important to establish a maintenance strategy.  Let Jobst continually communicate the condition of your infrastructure with our monitoring services, included in our monthly Service Agreements.  At your request, you can receive email alerts if your site or servers go down.  Your monitor will continuously ping your services and give details about any outages that occur, as well as show histories of site response times.  By notifying you immediately of any issues that arise, these ongoing system notifications can get you started on finding solutions before your users begin to notice.


Network Monitoring
Server Performance Analyzation and Monitoring
Site Status Monitoring
CPU, RAM and Drive Space History
Daemon Status Alerts
Public and Private Network Monitoring


SMS Text Message Alerts
Email Alerts
Forensic Logs
Event Clearing Notifications



Data Management

Whether you're a large company, growing business or a lone entrepreneur, losing data can be devastating.  We specialize in backups of all kinds with your safety and security in mind.  From emails to servers to databases, on laptops and desktops, we've got you covered.  We also offer a file and settings transfer plan in the event that you get a new computer and need your data moved.  We can ensure your new computer has all the files, programs, and settings you had on your previous computer so you can get back to doing what you do best.


File and Database Backups
Centralized File Storage
Cloud Backups
Data Migration
Data Archiving
Large File Transfers
User Permissions


On-Site and Off-Site Backups
Software and Automated System Updates
Database Management and Planning
Metadata Standardization
Resource Preservation
Data Integration
MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle

Communications Implementation

Communication technology is at the heart of any pursuit.  We offer a wide range of corporate and personal email solutions using your own domain name, or a corporate Exchange Server with shared calendars and accounts to keep you in contact with your employees, customers and clients.  We can also set up your phones, faxes and voicemail systems throughout your offices and conference rooms to connect you across the board.  We know the value of smooth correspondence and look forward to helping you keep those ideas and conversations flying.


Voice and Data Cabling
Phones and Video Conferencing
Voicemail and Email
Conference Call Equipment
Vendor Selection
Hosted PBX Solutions


Hosted or Managed Exchange Servers
Fax Through Email
Digital Communications
Wireless Access Points
Encrypted Transmissions

Custom Development

We develop flexible and functional products.  The result: Your features do what you want them to.  Each project brings new obstacles and new ways to explore Drupal's development capabilities, and we are always up for the challenge.  You want it.  We build it.  Read the Hunuku case study or contact us to discuss what we can build for you.


Identity, Branding, Logos
Site Design and Theming
Facebook Development
iPhone and Android Application Development
Content Strategy and SEO
Technical Architecture
Module Development


Drupal Development Planning
Content Import, Export and Migration
Enterprise Resource Planning and Research
3rd Party Integration
Wireframes and Design Comps
Style Guides




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