Emergency Service

Imagine the worst IT Disaster that may happen at any time. Server may have been encrypted with Ransomware, Old Technology Failure, Backup and Disaster Recovery Challenges, Lost or Stolen Data.

Get an immediate Action Plan with the Jobst IT Team.

To help us speed up the recovery processes, please complete our Contact Form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Initial Assessment / Evaluation:
We will schedule a video conference consultation to evaluate your emergency form, after which we will review potential strategies to address your emergency.

Contracting Process:
At this step in the process, we will Agree upon the size of a Budget Bucket for services to be performed. Once this agreed upon initial budget of hours is established, we will provide our general Support Agreement for your review and signature upon approval.

Upon full execution of this contract, work will commence accordingly.

Discovery Phase:
The Jobst Discovery Phase will begin with gathering all of your documentation, gaining access to all necessary systems, review and assessment of the situation, and the quick resolution of immediate fixes to restore services as soon as possible.

We will then begin our Root Cause Analysis, to narrow down the problem enough to where we can reproduce the issue at will, and have captured it within logs. This process of finding the root cause ensures that we are fixing the “root” of the problem.

Business Continuity:
We will restore the most critical services first, make a complete list of your companies workflows, delegate duties, and breakdown tasks into tickets that will workflow through our Incident Management System.

Incident Management:
During Incident Management, we will work through Task Tickets as we address criticals issues to get your business up and running.

Budget Reevaluation:
We will reevaluate the remaining project scope and budget to reset priorities. At this point we will re-estimate a new budget bucket, and present it to you for approval so as to proceed accordingly.