Why Choose Consulting?

As a business owner considering what your IT needs are, and how fulfilling those needs can help advance your goals, it's important to consider outsourcing.  While hiring a full time tech support employee may seem like the most immediate answer, it's not always the most cost-effective or practical one considering what you are getting for your money.  In fact, the benefits of choosing managed IT solutions far exceed having your own "computer guy", because with Jobst you get:

  • Better coverage.  When you have a problem you need "right now" answers.  Working with us gets you a team of IT professionals standing by to get you back up and running.  Why rely on the schedule of one hired employee who may call in sick the day your site goes down?
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience.  Hiring one employee to handle all of your technical issues affords you only one perspective and a limited skill set.  They may be somewhat familiar with the overall workings of your infrastructure, but lack specific specialities.  Working with an IT consulting firm gives you access to a whole group of engineering connoisseurs with a vast array of expertise who have most likely already completed a project similar to yours and been through the pitfalls.
  • Cost.  Keeping in mind the cost of salaries and healthcare, for businesses with 50 employees or less, is it much more economical to outsource your IT services than to hire an on-site staff member, let alone a team of them, and pay them even when there are no problems to solve.  When working with Jobst, you pay us when you need us, without any of the other logistics.  Low overhead.  It's that simple.  

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