Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer

Peter Jobst Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer

Peter Jobst has been working in the network computing field since 1995. His skills have spanned many technologies and industries throughout the years. Peter is an expert in: Microsoft Server technologies, TCP/IP administration, Linux server technologies, and IT project management. He is a firm believer in teaching technology to all users and helping bridge the communication gap between business owners and technology experts to facilitate better business practices. From 1998 - 1999 Peter helped Sun America Financials migrate all of their Windows 95 clients to Windows 98 and deploy software through out the company. While at Sun America, Peter successfully completed many larger scale deployments and managed Sun America's data center build out and move from Torrance, California, to Woodland Hills, California. This experience helped build methodology to deploy and manage large scale corporate networks. During the boom, Peter then went on to work for Storeactive and Intertainer. Intertainer was a revolutionary video-on-demand company where Peter was hired as a Senior Deployment Engineer for video-on-demand services. Peter was an integral engineer that developed Intertainers video replication methodology that replaced the need for sending out tapes with video content to an internet replication that use sophisticated algorithm to synchronize video content from a master server to 100s of EMC drive arrays that served the video up through Microsoft Media Servers. The technology used during this time in 2000 was far ahead of its time and is only now becoming main stream in the streaming video world.

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