Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
12/15/2016, 05:56pm

The December Lull                      

When business is slow, that’s the perfect time for you and your company to take care of your systems. End of year maintenance is essential, and will keep your business running smoothly year round.

That Holiday Feeling

Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
10/14/2016, 01:10am

Are you losing money because you’re not having this conversation with your IT department?

Here’s how to get in the loop…

The Feedback loop!


In this article we’ll teach you how to get wise so that your website gets eyes


Peter Jobst, DevOps Consultant and Author
05/09/2016, 02:35pm

One of the things I love about DevOps is that efficiency stems from order and method. Every type of work we do falls into one of five categories, which can also be called the 5S method.

5S is one of those practices that, when applied to IT, can dramatically increase productivity by ordering like systems together.

Peter Jobst, DevOps Consultant and Author
04/07/2016, 03:45pm

"A penny earned is a penny saved"

Benjamin Franklin


As I sat here writing this article, I wondered if the action was an exercise in Muda. As a DevOps productivity expert, I am always concerned about how to reduce waste and become more efficient. In this instance, sharing this information with the community is vital.  Muda can be a challenging...

Peter Jobst, DevOps Consultant and Author
12/02/2015, 02:58pm
There’s a lot of talk these days about the ‘new concept’ of DevOps. When applied to IT, in particular, it can be a remarkable way to revolutionize your business. DevOps is a new way of thinking – it’s a method of planning, managing and executing workflow in the most efficient way possible.
Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
11/19/2015, 11:22am

As a frequent networker, I often explain to people what DevOps is and what I do. DevOps, like so many things, is easy if you know it, but if you don’t, it goes right over your head.

Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
06/10/2015, 03:38pm

We've beening handling a lot of calls lately from companies who are seeing unsualy banner adds running on their websites. At an alarming rate websites running Word Press are getting hacked into through unpatched modules. 

When looking through the logs it is clear that there are tons of people and companies on the internet who are trying to either hack into the sites to place ads or to post comments thater are clearly only for other peoples SEO results. 

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
10/15/2013, 01:49pm

Stauffer is proud to be a supporting partner with The SKOOL for the FORGE Conference! The FORGE conference is a 2-day inspirational conference for women entrepreneurs who are interested in sales, ecommerce, creating a product, social media marketing and more! Why the FORGE Conference? This conference is for women who want to forge a long lasting business!


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