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At Jobst Consulting we have learned that software projects present unique obstacles. Each client's diverse business needs, expectations, communication styles, deadlines, and budgets present a colorful range of issues to consider. Not only do these aspects make for an interesting and engaging process, but they almost guarantee that during the course of the project, critical factors like project scope, business objectives, stakeholder participation, schedule, and user requirements might change. It's bound to happen. Through years of hands-on experience leading teams of developers, our project managers use the Agile approach. 

The Jobst Consulting team has made Agile our own. We utilize the Agile method to approach web, mobile, and custom solutions development in a dynamic and effective way. Our process is designed to mitigate how some of the potential changes listed above might impact a project's success. We practice a development methodology that focuses on Feature-Driven Development ("FDD"). We focus on the following technical principles:


  • Short, iterative development cycles where working code is delivered at the end of each sprint.
  • Modular design and architecture so that if one thing breaks, the whole system does not impload.
  • Flexible, but controlled requirements that allow you to customize your application as needed without losing sight of project goals.
  • Automated system testing to assure that details are not overlooked.
  • Analyst and client user testing so that issues with user experience can be identified at each iteration.
  • Frequent integration and deployment to keep the process moving smoothly.

The second aspect includes more than just a technical methodology. The project manager and client work together to ensure that risks, misunderstood requirements and divergent business expectations are minimized by letting users participate in the creation, prioritization, design, and testing of key features of the system. In this manner, our approach helps to provide direct accountability for the project team. By incorporating these techniques and adhering to a rigid project management curriculum of planning, tracking, and control, the project can also achieve these objectives:


  • Cost control
  • Adherence to schedule milestones
  • Client control over scope and specifications
  • High quality/ low defect software
  • User satisfaction

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