COVID-19 IT Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving, and today all businesses face many challenges. Are you wondering how working from home will ultimately impact the security of your business?

Jobst IT Consulting will help you navigate moving your business outside of your office, and set up your employees and clients for success.

  • Cybersecurity Working From Home
  • Plan To Return to the Office
  • Internal Wiring in your new Building
  • Personal Laptop Use
  • Securing the DNS
  • Data Backup
  • WiFi Availability and Protection
  • Secure Company Intellectual Property

Communications Implementation COVID
Communication technology is at the heart of any pursuit.

We offer a wide range of corporate and personal email solutions using your own domain name, or a Hosted Exchange Server with shared calendars and accounts to keep you in contact with your employees, customers and clients. We can also set up your voice VOIP systems, secure video conferencing and remote access throughout your organization to keep you connected across the board. We know the value of smooth correspondence and look forward to helping you keep those ideas and conversations flying.

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