We thrive because clients trust us to make sure they thrive.  In turn, amazing partnerships are born.  Every efficient IT consulting firm knows that their worth is measured by how their clients see them.  We are fully committed to creating and maintaining superb business relationships, and look forward to learning how to be even better in an industry where networking is key.  Here are just a few examples of the people and companies we've had the pleasure of supporting.



The Client: The Strategic and Global Risk Assessment (SAGRA) Center, is an institution that utilizes the highest level of analysis and technology in the assessment of strategic, economic and financial risks. The Center brings together world-class strategic analysts, scientists and economists, and pools their combined experience to produce highly innovative and unique simulation solutions. The multidisciplinary approach of SAGRA gives it a superior advantage in addressing the complex and important economic and financial problems, by developing and implementing creative and valuable simulation solutions and services. SAGRA prides itself in working closely with its customers to address their specific problems with customized solutions that best meet their needs. 



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