We thrive because clients trust us to make sure they thrive.  In turn, amazing partnerships are born.  Every efficient IT consulting firm knows that their worth is measured by how their clients see them.  We are fully committed to creating and maintaining superb business relationships, and look forward to learning how to be even better in an industry where networking is key.  Here are just a few examples of the people and companies we've had the pleasure of supporting.


First Legal Network

The Client: First Legal Network is the only Attorney Service solution that offers a comprehensive Litigation Support Service, a suite of Investigations products, a full-service Digital Document Production Solution and a managed Records Retrieval Company. Since 2007, First Legal has offered eFiling of documents at the State and Federal level as part of their ezFile Program. This is a one stop eFiling system that can seamlessly file your important documents to a number of participating courts across the U.S or directly to their offices. This virtual avenue is quick, efficient and cost effective. 

The Solution: Jobst has been the trusted resource to provide high-level network and servere design for First Legal Network's systems across the United States. With a vast network of dozens of systems involving close to 100 devices, First Legal Network needed Jobst to create a system to help them monitor in real-time the health and status of their highly secure network. By monitoring specific functions based on importance and security level, our system allows key contacts within First Legal Network's established IT department to receive alerts of crital events as they occur. 

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