Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
10/15/2013, 01:49pm

Stauffer is proud to be a supporting partner with The SKOOL for the FORGE Conference! The FORGE conference is a 2-day inspirational conference for women entrepreneurs who are interested in sales, ecommerce, creating a product, social media marketing and more! Why the FORGE Conference? This conference is for women who want to forge a long lasting business!

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
09/04/2013, 04:20pm

If you are an ad agency beginning to do larger scale digital projects or a tech shop looking to partner more with ad agencies, you have already experienced the challenge of matching price to scope. Or maybe you are a corporate executive in charge of a large redesign and looking to get the features you want in the budget you have. Do all digital projects have to be painful to manage, chaotic or over budget? Is there a secret to how to do this right? Are all digital projects like this? Join us for a dynamic conversation with industry experts.

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
03/22/2013, 04:33pm

Author: Stephanie Brooker

Why Drupal? This is one of the many questions I’ve pondered since I started at Stauffer. Why Drupal over Wordpress? Why Drupal at all? So when a potential client asked me those same things, and when I was unable to find more than one or two well written, qualified articles on the subject, I decided to find out on my own. This is the result of several days of on online research and lengthy discussions with the whip-smart Stauffer team on why they choose Drupal.

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
03/22/2013, 02:06pm

Author: Stephanie Brooker


Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
02/05/2013, 06:15pm


The Stauffer team is proud to support the LA Drupal community and invite you to our first event at our new office! For the next six months Stauffer will be hosting the LA Drupal Groups monthly meetup. Come collaborate with the Drupal community  and join us the second Tuesday of each month at Stauffer. 

Roger Tanyongkul, Senior Consultant
08/27/2012, 05:08pm
Efficiency has always been a key part when it comes to developing any type of program. The Schema module is a Drupal module that helps a developer be more efficient and helps cut down time when creating a hook_schema() function. In Drupal 7, hook_schema() is called at both install and uninstall time, which helps create/delete a custom table in the database. This function lives inside the module’s .install file. Click here to see what a hook_schema() looks like. Creating a hook_schema() manually is time consuming and more likely to have errors when creating the array, whereas using the Schema module’s structure generation is quick and accurate. Some key features of the Schema module are providing API functions, schema structure generation, and schema comparison.
Chris Miller, Director of Operations
08/09/2012, 11:38pm

Here at Stauffer we do a lot of work with universities, and often times our options are limited in choices of server hardware and platform configuration options. A recent university client required that we build a production environment on Windows 2008 Server setup on a virtual machine provisioned from the university’s central IT department.

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
08/01/2012, 04:26pm
Stauffer CEO Chris Stauffer received a warm reception at his DrupalCamp LA talk this weekend on Practile Agile Project Management. Long after the talk was over, people approached us at the Stauffer booth to ask more questions and share their experiences with Agile. Chris covered some of the following Agile components in his talk: Overview of Agile, Discovery, Planning with User Profiles, User stories & requirements, Backlogs & Agile Budgeting, Sprint Backlog, Sprints, Deploying an Iteration, Sprint review.
Jacob Pitassi, Director of Technology
08/01/2012, 12:08pm

At DrupalCamp LA, I talked about Drupal + Apache Solr because it is a strong search index for Drupal.

Sam Afshar, Senior Consultant
07/31/2012, 05:44pm

Jacob Pitassi and I presented at DrupalCamp LA to provide some very basic PHP knowledge that will make for better themers. Jacob does a lot of the technical interviewing for Stauffer and has found that many people claim to be themers, but do not know a lick of PHP. While he is not expecting themers to write complicated functions, he does expect them to know how to pull an element out of an array to display.



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