Roger Tanyongkul, Senior Consultant
08/27/2012, 05:08pm

Skill level: Intermediate.
Knowledge & Requirements: 

  • Drupal 7 site
  • Creating a custom module
  • phpMyAdmin - Know how to create a table using phpMyAdmin

Efficiency has always been a key part when it comes to developing any type of program. The Schema module is a Drupal module that helps a developer be more efficient and helps cut down time when creating a hook_schema() function. In Drupal 7, hook_schema() is called at both install and uninstall time, which helps create/delete a custom table in the database. This function lives inside the module’s .install file. Click here to see what a hook_schema() looks like. Creating a hook_schema() manually is time consuming and more likely to have errors when creating the array, whereas using the Schema module’s structure generation is quick and...

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