FORGE! Conference Oct 19th & 20th

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
10/15/2013, 01:49pm

Stauffer is proud to be a supporting partner with The SKOOL for the FORGE Conference! The FORGE conference is a 2-day inspirational conference for women entrepreneurs who are interested in sales, ecommerce, creating a product, social media marketing and more! Why the FORGE Conference? This conference is for women who want to forge a long lasting business! Whether you are "creators, designers, artists, storytellers, caregivers, big picture thinkers," career switchers or corporate executives looking for a more fulfilling career or launching your own business to make a profound contribution to our society, then this conference is for you! Join us this weekend for conversations, demos and pitches designed to inspire action and build startups! You won't want to miss this amazing opportunity to share, create and learn with like minded women entrepreneurs! 

The conference is $349 and there are a few $99 Scholarships left here:

To find out more you can go here:

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