Tech Mornings: How to Sell & Buy Digital Projects

Alissia Trent, Marketing and Office Management
09/04/2013, 04:20pm

If you are an ad agency beginning to do larger scale digital projects or a tech shop looking to partner more with ad agencies, you have already experienced the challenge of matching price to scope. Or maybe you are a corporate executive in charge of a large redesign and looking to get the features you want in the budget you have. Do all digital projects have to be painful to manage, chaotic or over budget? Is there a secret to how to do this right? Are all digital projects like this? Join us for a dynamic conversation with industry experts. Our Director of Project Management Elias Slater will be on the panel discussing integration of software development and digital projects. Learn how to leverage your next digital project more successfully and share your own expertise with others over breakfast. Tech mornings will be hosted by Oshyn and The Skool. Jose Caballer is the Chief Education Officer at The Skool and will be moderating the event. This is a great way to start your day learning from top experts in the field and networking with other like minded professionals you won't want to miss this event, come join us!

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