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06/24/2020, 03:29pm


Hi my name is Peter Jobst I'm your IT consultant thanks for watching our
Channel and don't forget to subscribe and like and leave your comments below.
We always are looking for your comments to answer new questions that you have
for us and today we have a good great topic that we're talking about today and
that is a successful project. This is for all business owners out there about what
to do and how to successfully complete your projects that you have coming up.
Whether they're IT related or just building out your office so today we're
gonna be talking about the six phases to a successful projects. Alright let's get
into it this is the six phases to successful projects and...
Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
05/20/2020, 05:52pm

Hey, what's up, everybody? It's a Friday again, and we're doing another segment here. Thanks for watching my YouTube channel or if you've seen this on Facebook, make sure you like it. Make sure you subscribe, leave any comments that you have. We're always interested to hear what you're saying or if you have any questions about it. And I just wanted to get in with a little tip for the end of the year this year. Something that we always talk about and that is to have your end of year maintenance that you do. We go through a couple of things. So you're going to have some days off between Christmas and the new year, so you might as well take this time to, finish up this year, 2019 and get ready for 2020 thing that we talked about is making sure you do your backups. Get an end of...
Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
12/15/2016, 05:56pm

The December Lull                      

When business is slow, that’s the perfect time for you and your company to take care of your systems. End of year maintenance is essential, and will keep your business running smoothly year round.

That Holiday Feeling

Tryptophan storms the scene on Thanksgiving, and sleepiness sets in that has most people in a swoon ‘til January. People are distracted, business and correspondence can be slow, and your best employees may be visiting family in another time zone.

Rather than feeling frustrated, take this opportunity to do the following:

·      Check your Backups

·   ...

Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
10/14/2016, 01:10am

Are you losing money because you’re not having this conversation with your IT department?

Here’s how to get in the loop…

The Feedback loop!


In this article we’ll teach you how to get wise so that your website gets eyes


A website can look nice and seem to work, but repel potential clients.

In other words, no news may not be good news. It's pretty obvious that when your site goes down, you must take immediate action, but if you’re only getting logs when your site goes down, you don’t have a good feedback loop. Read ahead and we’ll tell you just what that means, and what you can do about it!


Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
08/11/2016, 03:32pm

Top 5 Things Every Smart Business Owner Needs to Know Before Signing a Lease


You might be wondering.... Why did we put together this list?

For selfish reasons: It makes us sad when our clients...

Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
11/19/2015, 11:22am

As a frequent networker, I often explain to people what DevOps is and what I do. DevOps, like so many things, is easy if you know it, but if you don’t, it goes right over your head. As such, I put  together this article to explain what the DevOps movement means to me and why I believe businesses and individuals should take care to know and understand it.


What is DevOps? According to The Agile Admin, “DevOps is the practice of operations and...

Peter Jobst, Owner Jobst Consulting inc - DevOps Engineer
06/10/2015, 03:38pm

We've beening handling a lot of calls lately from companies who are seeing unsualy banner adds running on their websites. At an alarming rate websites running Word Press are getting hacked into through unpatched modules. 

When looking through the logs it is clear that there are tons of people and companies on the internet who are trying to either hack into the sites to place ads or to post comments thater are clearly only for other peoples SEO results. 

Bottom line, make sure you keep your Wedpress sites and plugins updated. 

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